Money Saving Goals

There is a lot of talk about saving and saving money, but it is important to save money for important purposes that will help you when you really need it. Which ones are they?  For the off-white days. What to do when your washing machine breaks down or you need the tools to repair your

Loan: What Do Banks Analyze?

Thinking of taking a loan? When we submit a request for approval by banks or financial institutions, they check a variety of information before granting credit and following up with their request. Interested in knowing what they analyze? Fundico has selected some key points and shares now:   CPF negative? One of the first things

Microcredit: Mandy’s Personal Loan

It is difficult to predict unforeseen situations, they occur when we least expect them and to solve them quickly they are almost always accompanied by the need for financial resources . Not everyone around us can help us constantly, so we need to look for other mechanisms. It is a priority to have honest financial